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    Niv Slama

    Hi everyone, I’m thinking of booking a climb with International Mountain Guides(IMG) in the Himalayas and I wanted to ask if anyone climbed with them in the past? Or if the coaches know them and can provide a feedback? Any feedback will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance, Niv.

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    MarkPostle on #63787

    Niv, I have had several UA athletes use IMG in the past and have gone through them for logistics when I have had private clients in Asia. I have found them to be professional and reputable. Feel free to email me directly if you have specific questions.

    MarkPostle on #63802

    Hopefully a few others who have climbed with IMG can chime in from the client perspective. ??

    fritz.mueller on #64077

    I have climbed with them three times on Rainier, once in Bolivia and multiple times ice climbing in Ouray CO. They have always been excellent and I would recommend them.

    Niv Slama on #64305

    Thanks a lot for your input Fritz.

    kazu.ishidera on #64384

    I just took the Denali Expedition Prep with IMG last month. I also climbed Rainier with them. The guides are very professional and friendly. I would recommend them.

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