Climbing substitute in the flatlands.

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    Hello folks, hope youre all well.

    I am currently following a training plan from the east coast of Saudi Arabia and needless to say its a bit flat. Does anybody have any suggestions for what I can substitute the “1hr continuous climbing” with in the program? I have no home board, climbing wall, etc.


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    todd.struble on #24935

    I’m not sure if you’re talking about uphill hiking or one of the rock climbing plans, but maybe this thread will help:


    DominicProvost on #24968

    You need to climb to get better at climbing. Find a quarry where you can set up a toprope, a handful of shitty boulders you can traverse/lap, or build your own woody. I believe barry blanchard has stories of traversing under a bridge in Chamonix in The Calling, that might also work if you can find some concrete features. If you can’t invest time or money into finding something to climb you won’t get better at climbing.

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