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Clarification on 6 month mountaineering program with ADS

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    Im in about the 3rd week now and tomorrow is an hour run, which I have to walk because I have ADS.

    Tomorrows work out is: “1 hr run on flats at or below AeT with pick ups (4×10 sec) up to fun fast pace (NOT 100% sprint) with 3min recovery (easy running/hiking) between)”

    1. How do I do this when I am stuck walking? any tips?

    2. Also how are people getting outside with ADS? I am getting bored on a treadmill but it is much easier to keep the heart rate level. I tried going outside the other day to test a recovery workout. My heart rate was had a spread of about 30 beats just due to the differing terrain, and the fact i kinda have to do a half skip jump every half a dozen paces to get my heart rate up to the required level.


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    Anonymous on #25420

    Try a very slow, baby step jog on these flat runs. That will help you transition from walking to running eventually. As for the pick ups. You should do these running whether you are walking the rest of the workout or doing this baby step jog.

    Patience is the key here.


    gliderx on #25423

    But do you need to keep your heart rate lower than AeT during these pickups?

    gliderx on #25428

    Here was my “run” at between 4-5km/hr today, obviously more simply a shuffle… only 12 minutes on the 60 minutes was between AeT and Aet-10 beats even though I tried to keep it there.

    Is this workout worthless? it was impossible.

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