Checking for any flaws in my testing, and that the data is useful

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    Hi All!

    Hopefully someone can just help me to make sure I’m correct here.

    I have recently done the treadmill AeT test (heart rate drift) and just tested my LT on a half an hour fast pace.

    AeT Test:

    First 30 mins avg. 148bpm

    Second 30 mins avg. 153bpm

    That puts me at ~3.4% drift, placing me within my Aerobic Threshold if I am correct?

    LT Test:

    As I’m fairly new to training, I went for the 30 mins rather than the 60 mins. It was fun hard, but my legs didn’t feel totally wiped out afterwards and I think I could’ve kept going for a while longer, maybe not till 60 mins though.

    LT: ~180bpm

    By my maths that puts the spread between AeT and LT at 20% (!!!) and in ADS territory. Which makes sense as I spent most of my teens boxing at very high intensities.

    I feel like I’m always the one to gas out and bonk when I’m out in the hills with my friends. So I guess I’m fairly excited to get back on track and see some gains in speed and fitness.

    Any flaws in my testing I should know about? I’m currently unable to work due to the Covid crisis, so for the foreseeable I can put in essentially unlimited training time. So far managed to clock up around 6-7 hours a week mostly at AeT, any more is a bit much for me for now I feel.


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    Anonymous on #40445

    Looks like a good approach to me. I think you can use 180 / 150 for now.

    Anonymous on #41626

    Thought I’d check back in and share some results:

    I’ve started to speed up at my aerobic threshold from ~6:55/km to ~6:10/km on the same trail. Modest improvements but feeling pretty stoked. Can’t wait till we can get back out in the hills!

    Looking forward to re-testing once the gyms open and I can get back on a treadmill…

    Getting in around 6 hours per week in 3 week cycles with a week of 3 or 4 easy easy hours.




    Anonymous on #41651

    Nice work!

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