Changing TrainingPeaks to hrTSS

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    Justin Jones

    Anyone know how to adjust the TrainingPeaks measurements to hrTSS? I can’t seem to find it. I also wonder if the system is tracking my data right cause I follow the workout instructions to the letter, but my TSS measurements are always WAY below what the goal is. Kinda frustrating.

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    MarkPostle on #60494

    Justin- You are likely looking at the rTSS or the run based TSS which isnt applicable to the kind of training most folks are doing here. I encourage everyone to change all their aerobic training to hrTSS as a starting point. If you click on the workout in question and look next to the rTSS in the completed column there will be a upside down triangle or little carrot next to the rTSS, click on that and it should give you a couple of options including hrTSS. I encourage folks to change all workouts to that for an apples to apples comparison between aerobic modes. You should be seeing roughly 50 hrTSS points per hour for Zone 2 training if everything is working right

    Michal Wegrzynski on #60562

    Is there a way to set this globally, or do we have to do it per-workout?

    Edgar Carby on #60581

    I *think* you can select certain activities (ie, not a “RUN”) on your Garmin, eg. HIKE and it will save to TP with hrTSS. You can also use CARDIO but it won’t record GPS data. I’m not sure if TRAIL RUN does hrTSS or rTSS.

    TP will automatically put rTSS with an activity that is categorized as a RUN, so if you are using RUN when you start your watch, you will have to change each workout to hrTSS

    Justin Jones on #60817

    I’m not seeing a “carrot” or “Upside down triangle” on the interface. I’ve scoured every inch of the training peaks page to try and make the adjustment, but can’t find it. Anyone else having trouble?

    Edgar Carby on #60831

    If you go into the calendar and open a workout, it will give the option to change the TSS score. I’ve attached a screen grab of an open workout with the relevant carat circled in red.

    If you are not seeing the same thing, then you might reach out the TP customer service. They are pretty helpful.

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    Justin Jones on #61156

    I was looking in the Green section. I see my error now. I’ve updated the settings.

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