Changes to 16 week mountaineering training plan

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    3 years ago (during the pre-Covid era!), I used the 16 week training plan to successfully summit a non-technical 6,300 m peak in the Himalaya. I came back to it this year to train for another similar climb. I remember previously the last 4 weeks had 3-4 hour hilly terrain hikes with 20% bw in a pack. In the current version I see no mention of carrying a pack on these hikes. Can you explain if this is correct and I if I should or should not carry a pack?

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    Shashi on #63220

    In the new 16 Week Big Mountain Training Plan 2.0, there is Muscular Endurance Weighted Climb starting Week 10.

    NandaDevi on #63227

    Thanks, Shashi. From what I recall, those muscular endurance workouts (1.5 hours duration) were there before too. Aren’t the 3-4 hour hikes in the last month with 20%bw packs more “event-like”? I’m wondering why that was changed. Was it felt that it would be more effective to focus on aerobic capacity improvement without added weight?

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