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Chamonix Mountain Fit suggested TSS

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    Loving the Chamonix Mountain Fit programme. Really highlights weaknesses that you wouldn’t normally notice in terms of stability and balance especially when under fatigue. Wondering if any thoughts on what TSS I should put in to TrainingPeaks? It’s definitely hard work, particularly stepping up to level 3 this afternoon?

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    r.j.hammond345 on #53093

    You just beat me to this question Sam. It would be helpful to get some idea of how the tss might differ for the different levels.

    Shashi on #53175

    I will send a note to the coaches to get some input.

    Reed on #53176

    I’d suggest looking at it as a function of how “fit” you are in terms of Chronic Training Load, and how long it takes you to recover from the workouts. If you’re maintaining 50 CTL in TrainingPeaks, as an example, then that’d suggest that you’re able to absorb about 50 TSS and recover within 24 hours. A hard strength workout that takes two days to recover might then be ~70 or 90 TSS.

    If you’re more like me, in maintenance mode and at more like 30 CTL, then that strength workout that takes two days to recover might be more like 40-50 TSS.

    I wrote some related notes here:

    Great detailed write-up from Scott J. from a few years ago here:

    s.lamont on #53178

    Thanks very much for this Reed. Makes a lot of sense that it is more individual rather than a set number.

    My CTL is running around 55 at the moment. Think I could do level 2 of Chamonix Mountain Fit probably every day if I had the time but level 3 is a big step up. I’ve been plugging in a TSS of 40 for the workout, so similar to a Z1 40 minute run. This is probably an underestimate for CMF level 3 but I think I’ll stick with it for now.

    It’s nice to plug in the numbers and see the CTL going up as a positive feedback loop and putting some sort of metric on it but I guess at the end the day it’s really about feeling better, achieving your aims and better form during the workout.

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    Reed on #53180

    Not only is it individual, but it’s also an approximation and oversimplification. TrainingPeaks’ CTL is intended to bring together multisport training (triathlon in particular) into a single metric. Intuitively, if you go for a 40-minute Z1 run, it’s going to have a different impact than a 40-minute strength workout. Tracking both under a single number is useful, but not the full picture.

    By the way, a 40-minute Zone 1 run should be more like 25-30 TSS. The definitions of the metrics are based on a 1-hour anaerobic effort equaling ~100 TSS (on a bike). Zone 2 is more like 60 TSS per hour, Zone 1 is maybe a bit less. But as you said, as long as the numbers are acting as a useful guide to help you plan your workouts and achieve your goals, you’re using them well.

    Anonymous on #53190

    Thanks Reed.

    I was about to chime in but you’ve already said it better than I could have. I guess that’s why we pay you moderators the big bucks!


    derekosborne22 on #57219

    Hi Guys …. read through the links and the info is really useful, particular SJ’s in depth explanation in 2017. Thanks a lot.


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