Chamonix Mountain Fit and UA training plans

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    A question to training plan creators. How can (or should we) incorporate Chamonix Mountain Fix program in the strength part of UA strength training part?

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    Anonymous on #54096


    Great question. Thanks for asking. Here’s a little explanation about our thought process.

    As you can imagine we wrote all of the plans before we developed the Chamonix Mountain Fit program. We don’t want to sell someone a plan that then requires them to buy the Cham Fit program. As a result we have let the older strength workouts and progressions in the existing plans. They have worked well for literally thousands of athletes so we are not worried that they have somehow become outdated.

    No to your specific question:

    We consider the Cham Fit to be foundational. As Neil says in his intro to that program, these exercises and workouts provide a foundation for other strength work to stand. If you struggle with some of these movements then I’d advise you to replace your plan’s strength workouts with the Cham Fit ones and progress through these as you are able. Then move on to the max strength and ME portions of the plan as written.

    Even if you can’t finish the series don’t worry you still will get great benefit from it.

    If on the other hand you find the Cham Fit workouts to be easy (in my experience very few people find them too easy) then use the general strength workouts as written in the plan for general conditioning.

    I hope this helps.

    Andrey on #54106

    Thank you Scott,
    Indeed CMF workouts are not that easy. They are a good mix of strength, balance/stabilisation and endurance exercises. And they are fun. That was a reason why I wanted to incorporate them in general strength part of the plan. Based on your answer I understand that my intention make sense.
    Currently I do once per week hill sprints WO and once a week CMF and I feel nice gains in power and in overall strength.

    Thank you for your support!


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