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    The Aerobic workouts in the training plan sync perfectly with the Garmin Calendar/Wearable device; however, I don’t see the Mobility & Chamfit workouts in Garmin Calender. When performing these workouts, what kind of workout be selected from Garmin Watch?


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    MarkPostle on #58964

    Umer- You have a couple of options here depending on how your want to treat the data. Strength work is a bit different in that youre not actually all that concerned about the HR nor is HR a great metric for how much “work” is being done during the workout. I think with the Chamfit the simplest thing is not to wear the HR monitor at all then just manually go into TrainingPeaks and plug in the time and TSS. I use a flat TSS of 50 for an hour of this kind of strength work. Alternatively you can add a Strength choice to the activities on your Garmin by navigating to: Menu>>Settings>>Activity Profile>>Strength>>Add New>>Strength then pick a color and add. Then you can record the duration and HR of the Chamfit and it should auto pair in TrainingPeaks. Usually the hrTSS for a chamfit workout will be 35-45 and I still go in and manually bump it to 50 as I think that’s a more realistic representation of the training stress.

    Umer on #58973

    Dear Mark

    Thank you for the prompt reply and the detailed feedback. Since we are discussing TSS, what should be an 01-hour Aerobic workout TSS? I did 1 hour 13 minutes workout; however, the TSS is only recorded as 28. Also, I had to change the distance manually as well as it was an indoor walk.


    Umer on #58975

    To add: I changed it to hrTSS, and now it is 82 🙂
    I guess the training peak was using the default threshold pace to calculate rTSS.


    MarkPostle on #58977

    1 hour of Zone 2 will be about 50TSS. (Just for background, by definition 1 hour of full tilt cycling is 100TSS) If you’re using hrTSS (not rTSS which is worthless if hilly) and it’s way off of that I would check your threshold heart value. Go under settings>>zones in the top left corner under “default heart rate” There is a field labeled threshold heart rate. This should be your AnT Anaerobic threshold. You may not know that number so you can just guess for now, AeT Aerobic threshold +20 bpm is a decent ballpark, maybe +25 if you haven’t done much training recently.

    MalibuBill on #59180

    Is there any way to download the Chamonix Fit workouts to a laptop? Today I’ll be traveling to an area where I will spend the weekend with no cell nor wifi signal. Hard to find such a place but worth it. :>) I might drive into a nearby town tomorrow morning where I can park near a store and poach a wifi signal to download the workout

    Edgar Carby on #59181

    If you go to TP Settings —> Calendar there is an .ics link that you can add to you calendar and then from there, it should show up (I think anyway) in Outlook/Google etc desktop app even if you don’t have wifi.

    You could also screenshot the workouts from the TP phone app for a quick and dirty method.

    EDIT – there are PDFs of the TftNA strength and core workouts (not quite the same but they seem similar enough to get the same stimulus) too but I can’t put my hands on them. Not sure if they are part of the MTG package or not.

    Nate Emerson on #59234

    Bill, are you asking how to download the video itself?
    This requires a smartphone/tablet connected to the internet. You’ll need the Vimeo mobile app, which has an offline playlist. You have to click on the vimeo link from your workout in TrainingPeaks. Once Vimeo loads, enter the password for the workout. Once you can view the video, you can go to the “three dots menu” (in the app, not in the video) and select “add to offline playlist”.
    I don’t think that you can download from the Vimeo web player to a laptop.

    MalibuBill on #59361

    Thanks Nate and Edgar. I was in an area with no signal of any kind – even the rangers’ short wave radios do not work there. Very pleasant actually. I don’t have a smart phone so it seems the app won’t do me any good. Unfortunately I was off line by the time I saw the advice.

    I’d already downloaded the calendar to outlook, eventually forcing TP to do it by brute force.


    bernhard on #59363

    Three of mobility workout videos from the Trainingpeaks App don’t show for me anymore, they did last week. Is this a thing for Germany or are they removed?

    Stan Gemlitski on #59402

    Hi, just wondering, do we still have access to these videos after our training is done here? Thank you

    Nate Emerson on #59405

    Hi Bernhard,
    I just checked the videos in Safari and Chrome, and all the videos worked in both browsers. Are you using a different browser? Is your browser current with updates? Vimeo links may not work if your browser needs a security update…

    bernhard on #60123

    Didn’t see your answer, sorry. It now works, so it must have been some software thing on my side.

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