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    I wanted to make a topic, maybe we can put all discussion/questions here, but I will start off with a more clueless one.

    I recalled the coaches saying that the Cham fit video is a total follow-along video, so i didn’t have to worry about what I was doing. Today my training peaks says “Cham Fit 1 hour”, but when I click on the link for level 0, its the same 20 min video i did on Monday. So 1) am i clicking on the right thing? Is there a 1 hour video somewhere to follow along with and 2) if there is not, and I am supposed to use the 20 min video, how do most people construct this into 1 full hour? In the 20 min video, he refers to “just pause the video if you need to repeat or get into position”, but in my TP, there is no video link – only a podcast link.

    edit: or am i supposed to move to Level 1 then?

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    Yes today you should be moving to Level 1! In the notes we suggest you start at level 0. Then move to the next levels (level 1). Sorry if the wording is not clear! Then stay at level 1 for a minimum of two weeks and keep moving onward. If learning the movements from Level 0 is difficult then stick with that one. But for most people you should be on to level 1. The link for all the levels are in the “Pre Activity Comments” box. I hope that helps!

    hdrop on #62300

    Another question about Cham Fit: How do we know when we should move on to the next level? I know the recommendation is to spend 2 weeks at each level but is there something we’re looking for specifically?

    Also, anyone else getting elbow pain during the ‘divers’??

    Michelle on #62306

    The divers are killing me. I am trying to do them properly, but i just don’t have that kind of control yet. Not elbow pain, but my wrists are weak.

    I don’t know what the official answer is, I would say if you have been doing it fully, with no skipping (i.e. there are some things where i can’t do the number of reps Neal is doing, or i know the form is not great), and aren’t sore at all the next day, its time to level up.

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