Cardio Exercise While Recovering from Leg Injury

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    I pulled my soleus (muscle near the achilles) and am unable to run for a while. I can do all of the core and half of the strength exercises in my transition phase, but none of the cardio.

    Any thoughts for a work-around while I recover? Swimming is an option, but I know this won’t translate well to skimo.

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    Roller skiing!

    It’s terrifying to start, but I’ve found roller skiing to be a great, low-impact addition to my training this year. It’s made a big difference to how much volume I can handle.

    When I feel my knees or hips start to protest from running, I put a few days in of roller skiing. If I keep roller skiing to 20-30% of total training time, I find I don’t have any knee or hip issues at all.

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    While I agree with Scott that roller skiing will allow you to add considerable volume to yor aerobic training, There is a significant learning period and the soleus muscle may be even too sensitive for roller skiing. Swimming is a great exercise but being non-weight bearing and arm centric would be down the list for my choice. I hike as first choice if possible, then stair machine, then bike, then swim.

    By the way: read this. Cardio is not what you are doing for basic aerobic training.

    It is my personal mission in life to get people to stop using this term incorrectly. You want to condition the skeletal muscles to develop a better aerobic capacity with this easy base training.


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