Cardio Base Volume for the time constrained

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    I know to build a good base you need to stay under your AeT, preferably in Z1 or low Z2 and the more volume the better. So my question is does it matter if you get in frequent (daily) 20-30min workouts in or less frequent longer duration 45-50min plus sessions a few times during the week? Or can you do a 50min session im the AM and a short 30min session at lunch time the same day?

    Basically on the weekdays I can do 50min Monday, Wednesday, Friday and possibly the same time or longer once on the weekend. So to increase my volume can I add another 30min workout at lunch those days or don’t and add a 30min workout at lunch on Tuesday and Thursday?

    I’ve recently got set back due to work, colds, injures, and trying to get back to were I was and finally get within my 10%, the closest I’ve gotten was 12/13% if I remember correctly.

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    For a relatively low intensity (Z1 or Z2) and shorter duration run, like the 30-50 minute range you mentioned, you will probably be able to recover pretty quickly. The “supercompensation” from the training stimulus might be closer to 24 hours after your workout. Your weekday runs might get easier and easier if you aim for 30-40 minutes per day, maybe with a day off here and there. In addition to consistency, though, variance / modulation is important. You could also try to increase the length of your weekend run so that it makes up ~25% of your weekly volume.

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    my main problem is i can only guarantee 3 days a week of consistent running, depending on how work is i could get in another 2 days of short 30min on the treadmill during lunch. weekends are highly dependent on life. so i don’t have a consistent weekly volume except knowing i can go for a guaranteed 50min or longer if i wake up earlier 3 days a week. so just looking at what i can do with out over training but it doesn’t sound like i can at low intensity.

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    Hi juskojj,

    Not sure whether this applies to you but I used to either cycle to and from work or take the train part of the way then run the rest*. That meant I could use my commuting time (two hours per day on public transport) for aerobic base building.

    *I didn’t have the running background to run all of the way.

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