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    Jane Mackay

    Carolyn and Maya,

    Something strange is going on with this forum for me. As of today, I can’t see your replies to my post about taking breaks and Melanie’s post about her dog’s antics.

    I *was* able to see Maya’s reply on Melanie’s post, but now it’s disappeared. And I got the email notifications of Carolyn’s replies to both posts, but they’re not visible when I open those topics. Are they visible to you?

    I’ve also noticed there’s been a fair bit of spam in the UA forum lately — maybe there’s a connection?

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    Anonymous on #58696

    Hi Jane,
    Hopefully you’ll see this. And I’ll repost my reply. It seems UA has had a number of security breaches and issues in the last couple of weeks. They are scrambling once again to figure out what is happening and yes they could be related. Always shocks me that there are people who spend their time screwing with other peoples lives in a negative way. Sheesh.

    Jane Mackay on #58723

    Thanks, Carolyn. I see this and your other reply. I’m sorry UA is having to deal with this problem. It’s hard to be attacked when all you’re wanting to do is give.

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