Can There Be Too Much Recovery Work?

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    I ride an e-bike daily for my commute. My HR generally rests around 50-55% the times I’ve measured it, and it generally feels very positive, even when I’m carrying a lot of fatigue or DOMS.

    I have generally ignored this during my training, figuring that it’s basically a fixed block of recovery that doesn’t really improve my capacity for work but will help me recover from hard weeks. Since it’s a commute, the duration is mostly fixed. I also feel like it’s far too easy to be considered when I’m working out how much I should ramp, week to week.

    I think it’s working OK so far- it does indeed seem to aid my recovery- but I wondered if others have different perspectives on whether this sort of work should be tracked, should be managed, or if I can safely just ignore it when managing my training load.

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    pshyvers on #28640

    It does occur to me after writing this that perhaps one way to manage this is, instead of tracking it as part of my weekly volume, I could ramp more on the aggressive side knowing that I have plenty of recovery time to back it up. But maybe that’s really just a different way of accomplishing the same thing, that is to say counting it in my weekly volume.

    Anonymous on #28642

    It should definitely be counted toward your weekly volume. Recovery work is important and low-intensity; but it also contributes to fatigue, even if it’s not intense.

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