Can AeT test feel tough?

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    Having read TftUA, I have been using it to guide my running training – brilliant resource alongside website! My background is xc bike racing and fell running. I trained through last winter using nasal breathing to set my aerobic zones, but now i have access to a treadmill i wanted to complete a Drift test. I know from pre lockdown races my AnT is 188bpm (been constant at that for quite a while). So monday past i got set up and completed the test – polar chest strap, elevation set 3%, pace 7.3mph. To be honest i found the test quite hard (was off the back of a recovery week) – i deliberately didn’t check HR during the test. Reviewing the file afterwards – 15 min warm up to c.165-170bpm (where i thought AeT might be from nasal breathing), first 30 min HR av 171, second 30min HR av 180bpm, giving a drift of 5.2%. My concern was that i felt the test was tough and my HR maxed at the end at 186bpm, so could it be that the 5% drift is because I was so close to AnT (giving a false test result) or can the test be tough if your AeT and your AnT are relatively close together? I have been training all winter with my aerobic runs between 140-150bpm at a comfortable what i felt was Z1 pace. Am thinking my AeT could be c.170bpm with AnT 188bpm? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    MarkPostle on #41865


    Looking at the graph I would put you around 165. I would say that in general the AeT test for a fairly well trained athlete shouldnt feel that “tough” at all but that’s a subjective thing. As you mention here correctly those with more developed aerobic systems and a relatively small Z3 are working “harder” at the top of Z2 than someone whose aerobic system is more deficient. This can certainly affect how hard it feels. If you spent the vast majority of your winter training at a 140-150 HR then for sure any effort which includes a 30 min time period avg HR 180 is going to feel hard! Assuming an AeT of 165 and AnT of 188 (12% diff) those numbers are high for sure but believable.
    The main question here is are your AeT and AnT numbers accurate? I would consider redoing the tests for both at some point. First retest the AeT. When fairly rested try again on the TM and purposefully start with a post warmup HR of say 158-160. This should be quite aerobic and if that drifts only 3-4% or less then I think youre in the ball park. Then at some other point make a max effort (45-60 min) Z3 test and see what your average HR is.

    grs_10 on #41869

    Hi Mark.
    Thanks for looking into this and your detailed reply. I reckon I’ll work off 165 as AeT for next couple of weeks, then retest at end of recovery week using a slower pace (hopefully get HR c.155-160 at start of the test). All my training at present (apart from strides / fartlek run) will be under 165 to hopefully keep building base and fix ADS. I appreciate your help and guidance.
    Thanks Graham

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