Can a training plan be adapted for shorter distante?

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    I was wondering if any of the running plans offered could be adapted for training for a shorter distance.
    I have read training for the uphill athlete, but I Don’t find my self confident enough to make my own plan.

    I would like to train for a 35km +2.500m vertical gain summit in august 2022. It is not a race, and speed is not my priority. I just want to be fit enough to enjoy the run/hike.

    As a background, I hiked with my parents since I was a kid, and continued hiking with my wife. Since a couple of Years back my wife coudnt come With me because of pregnancy so I started running to cover same hikes in less time. I was running (walking uphill) 15/20km +1.500m on weekend runs. I was training 300hours a Years More or less.I havent follow any training plan ever, and I guess I have been running over my aet most of the time.


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    robsinco on #60274

    Yo Gaizka,

    I have just got the Mike Foot big vert 20 week plan and ready to start it this week or next week. From reading the sessions the plan has and reading what you are saying about your training history and races, I would say if it isn’t an ‘A’ race for you then you will be able to fit it into the plan as one of your long training runs, then make sure and take an easier few days after it, or as long as you need to recover, especially if it is a de-load week after so you can absorb the training gains.

    With this being in 9 months time this gives you lots of time to build a strong base of training and begin to layer in elements of speed closer to the event. Since it is quite long away it may be good to consider some other races before then too if you have time for this as it will be hard to work towards a peak performance until then and maybe some other races you could target to spread the volume of training out and keep it varies for you. Sounds like a really cool race though with those stats and must be some big climbs in there! Lots of time to get some really good quality training in there

    Gaizka on #60439

    Thanks for your reply. Maybe i havent explain myself correctly sorry, english is not my native language and I sometimes struggle.

    I would like to know if it is correct to cut down the volume in a plan to fit it for shorter distance events as the one described. And if that is doable, wich plan would be the recommended one.

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