Building the Base and ADS

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    I’m working on adjusting/fixing my aerobic base by overcoming ADS. As with others, when training in Z2 (AeT/144bpm) the heart rate has a tendency to drift in the later portion of the workout and it’s a SoB/embarrassing to keep it in zone.
    Should I permit the HR drift later in the workout or walk to keep it below AeT (144bpm).

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    Steve House on #10480

    @kcory If you go out of zone you will only prolonging your pain/embarassment. Keep it slow and what you’ll notice is that the length of time it takes you to hit that ‘drift’ will be longer and longer. It’s actually a good thing to pay attention to and I think you’ll find it quite motivating to see that duration extend, and soon after that point your Aerobic Threshold HR will start to migrate north. Keep at it! You’re on the right track.

    Anonymous on #10494

    Also, drift happens to everyone. It’s just a question of when (how fast, how long, etc).

    It won’t go away, but as Steve said, it’ll be rewarding to see that point happen later and later, and eventually, at higher speeds.

    Anonymous on #15541

    I am about to start the 20 week mountain running program to get ready for a high elevation gain 100 mile ultra and I am sure I have ADS. I have been doing 30-40 miles a week last 4 weeks as preparation and trying to stay in Z1/Z2. What I want to know is if using Galloway Jog/Walk method is a good way to do this? Typically jogging about 75-80 seconds and walking 40-45 seconds I average about a 12:15 min / mile pace. HR goes up and down but stays below AET.

    sandijs on #15568

    Why are you even considering 100 mile ultra at this stage?

    Anonymous on #15569

    Well I had a good first year running Ultras, 50K Oracle rumble, 50 Mile Antelope Canyon, 50 mile Crimson Canyon and 100 mile Javelina Jundred a couple of months ago, all well under the cut-offs. Just want to make sure I can deal with the extra elevation gain of the 100 mile Bryce Canyon race (did do a 50K there 18 months ago, my first ultra) and prepare for even bigger things in 2020. And at age 64 time sometimes feels limited :).

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