Building aerobic base despite sub par physical training demands

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    I would like to start off by saying thanks to everyone who contributes to this site. The information offered here is fantastic. As a military member this site is invaluable.
    The issue I have is figuring out how to follow the recommendations outlined in TFTNA, while having to take part in the usual physical fitness crap that is common in the military. The unit that I am a part of currently allows me to take care of my own training, so I can get the much needed Z1/2 time that I desperately need. As of April I will be transferring to a new unit and will be back to following the herd. Any advice that anyone has on balancing the two would be greatly appreciated.

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    Unfortunately this is an all-too-common problem in the military and especially in non-special operations units that require mechanistic PT sessions for the masses as opposed to individualized training for the athlete.

    My first recommendation, which may seem like an obvious one, is to “own” the PT for your unit commander. I’ve seen this work in a few cases, where the biggest limfac for group PT is simply that no one actually wants to deal with it. If it’s something that inspires you, offer to take over the planning/programming and then utilize some of the resources on our site to help support the argument. It’s never easy to change minds…especially in the military…but strong evidence can definitely help.

    Assuming that doesn’t work, the second thing I’d suggest is to creatively navigate within your constraints. If you’re mandated 3x/week of traditional calisthenics (which is often the case in the military), focus on form and sustainability versus “winning the workout.” Even if the workout calls for ridiculous volumes of push ups, squats, sit ups, etc. there are ways in which you can attack the session and have the advantage. If you can provide some examples of the workouts, I can help with this piece.

    I know it’s hard…and it’s something I deal with constantly at non-SOF units within the Air Force. An intelligent approach versus just flat out telling everyone they’re wrong (even if they are) is the best way forward.


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    Thanks for the reply I appreciate it. Your recommendations make sense and I’ll take see if I can have a hand in running them, and hopefully steer things in a positive direction.
    As far as what the actual workouts consist of it usually involves running in Z3/4 or random circuit training, with things like the 1000 rep challenge, which is a 1000 reps total of a bunch of different calisthenics. So there is no real rhyme of reason to what is being done.

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    I’m shocked to hear that SOF uses different methods, but the general forces do not copy them. Who wouldn’t want to train like the best?

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