Buckle setup to prevent blisters

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    Hi guys,

    Sizing and fitting of ski mountaineering boots aside, what is your buckle setup to prevent blisters?


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    Jim Prager on #62017

    Hi Dada,

    I ski with a Scarpa F1 that doesn’t have traditional buckles. However, I wanted to suggest checking out ENGO Blister Patches (https://goengo.com/). They go on the footbed or boot liner to reduce friction in areas where your foot slides a little. My wife discovered them while thru-hiking, and they changed my world.

    Hope that helps,

    Dada on #62038

    Hi Jim,

    Thx, I ordered the patches 🙂 can’t wait to try them.


    Anonymous on #62049

    Here is my favorite blister prevention method. Works very well in warmer weather or if your feet sweat a lot.

    Buy a few pair of lady’s knee high nylon stockings. You know, the kind some grandmas wear. They’re very cheap and very light so you can carry extras for multi day tours.

    Wear them over a light liner sock and under your normal ski sock. all the slippage occurs between the nylon and outer sock.

    I hope this helps.

    Dada on #62059

    Hi Scott,

    Thx for the advice! I tried Wrightsocks already (the double-layered sock with a thin inner sock and a merino outside sock, see picture). It was better though but after 600 vertical meters the same mess. I returned my new boots already and go to the next bootfitter today.

    Fingers crossed.


    Dada on #62060

    Picture too large 🙁

    brianbauer on #62164

    I recently saw these talked about on another ski forum. people seem to like them


    NE Rando Race Series on #62214

    Leukotape is just magical for this purpose:

    Apply the night before for maximum stickum.
    Then leave on for days at a time.
    (Yes, with showering in between too!)

    Dada on #62234

    Thank you very much guys!

    Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate the recommendations here (Ezfit, Tape, doubled up socks) but in my opinion, those are just cures for non-fitting boots. The boot is not in the right size or the boot does not fit your foot.

    I used to do all these tricks when I had the wrong boot. After I found the right boot, no blisters and no tricks required anymore. My boots got old though, and I need new ones. My last model had an instep ratchet which kept my foot in position (despite all other buckles open). Problem is, other boots do not have those ratchets and I’m just not familiar which buckles setup for a 4 buckle boot is the one which comes close to the instep ratchet.


    hafjell on #62263

    NERRS, how does the Leukotape work in the field as blisters are forming or have formed?

    Aaron on #62269

    Blisters where on your foot? And which buckles do you think problematic? E.g. My heels blisters were improved by adding more volume to the foot board heel. One foam pad ~2/3 of board, and 2nd layer just under heel.

    brianbauer on #64530

    I also swear by that Leukotape. I buy it by the 10-pack on Amazon. But I use it to tape my ankles for trail running. typical athletic tape( the white stuff), will lose its stick when it gets hot and sweaty…I know this from trial and error. Leukotape has a very aggressive adhesive and is less stretchy than the white tape. in hot weather I apply a resin spray first, then the leukotape. warning: buy some proper bandage scissors. this stuff is hard to get off, and the residue will be on your skin for weeks( unless you use Goo Gone or something I guess). for blister prevention, use some ointment and a bandaid paid then wrap in the tape. if you have a boot/sock combo that is prone to cause blisters, wrap the problem areas proactively .

    NE Rando Race Series on #66547

    Whoops, just realized that I never responded to the question about Leukotape. Anyway, the stuff is outstanding for blister prevention. But not for use in the field once blusters have formed. (I no longer know what to do for blisters in the field, since they no longer form!)

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