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    I am currently doing the Big Vert programming but unfortunately due to my schedule I have to drop 4 weeks of the programming due to my race date (and slightly poor planning on my part). Which four weeks would be best to cut to ensure I will be properly adapted for my race?

    Race is November 9th with ~2450m of elevation gain.

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    Anonymous on #25416


    I recommend dropping the last 3 weeks of the ME progression and the first week of the uphill interval progression so weeks 7,8,9 and 10.


    chrisvmarais on #25425

    Thanks for the recommendation Scott.I am sad I will not be able to complete the entire program. Is there a way in Training Peaks to move up the programming?

    Anonymous on #25568

    @chrisvmarais: Don’t be too sad. Training plans never go according to plan. It’s totally normal.

    You can shift workouts by date in Training Peaks. On the Calendar page, hover over the blue Summary bar on the right-hand side of any week. A three-line menu icon will appear on the very right-hand side. Click the menu icon, and then click Shift. You’ll be able to shift that week’s workouts, and there will be an option to shift all following workouts as well.

    chrisvmarais on #25756

    Great advice Scott, that is totally true. improvising and adapting is the best way to ensure success.

    That being said, I accidentally deleted week 6 of the programming, I can easily rebuild it on training peaks but I am unsure of what the programming is.

    chrisvmarais on #25758

    apologies, week 7 as I am missing a week for the 26th of August.

    Aaron on #25769

    Chris, easy fix is just add in the full 20 week program sometime next yr where it does not overlap. You can apply the program more than once in training peaks calendar.

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