Best Heartrate monitor for training and using with Training Peaks and UA plans?

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    J R

    Hi all,

    I am in need of a new Heartrate monitor for my training and to be able to download data into Training Peaks training log and use with UA plans.

    I primarily hike, gym bike, climb stairs with a pack, some running, etc for training.

    I also will be purchasing a training plan from UA, so I need one that can measure all the parameters needed for good data collection.

    Any advice on which ones are accurate, has GPS, reasonably affordable, easy to use, and couple with my computer…….any “favorites” for using with UA plans and TPs training program would be great!!!


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    OwenFW on #28051

    The Polar H10 HR strap is great. A HR strap and an accompanying smartphone app (Polar, Strava, Wahoo, etc) are all you really need unless you’re concerned about things like running cadence. Or you really, really want to spend several hundred dollars on a fancy watch. Don’t get me wrong, I like my Suunto Ambit3 and the Garmins look sweet, but they really aren’t necessary to track HR and location.

    nullkru on #28085

    I own a Polar H10 and the Garmin Run (i have a Garmin watch and don’t like to carry my phone with me for daily runs). Satisfied with both of them.

    The Polar H10 has preatty good reviews in term of accuracy. In addition to bluetooth it has ANT+. If you later decide to get a watch you can pair it to any model which supports one of the protocols.
    But as OwenFw says any HR monitor with some kind of receiver will do it.

    have a nice day — mm

    briguy on #28151

    If you can’t tolerate chest straps, I recommend the Scosche optical HRMs. They’re as accurate as the chest straps, and don’t have that issue that the straps sometimes have with static electricity at the start of workouts. Battery life is pretty good at 8+ hours rechargeable, but chest straps have the advantage there as they usually use coin cell batteries that will last about a year of regular use.

    Here’s DC Rainmaker’s review of the Scosche:

    Anonymous on #28168

    Recommended mountaineering watches

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