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    Hi training crew! I’m curious if there are other Bend, Oregon folks here, and if there are I’m curious – for workouts demanding lots of time going uphill (especially steep), where do you like to go?

    Smith just opened up again, but is limited for now. Horse Ridge has some up, but not very steep. Any thoughts?

    I come from the Seattle area originally and didn’t realize how spoiled I was when it comes to uphill options until I moved here a few years ago.

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    Steve House on #41886

    Hi, I lived in and trained in central Oregon for about 6 years. My go-to for ME uphill workouts was Gray Butte at Smith Rock. Go down to the bridge, hang a right, and go to the point where the irrigation canal goes through the tunnel. Start there, or for a couple hundred more feet, start down at the river’s edge. Go straight up the fall line to the summit of Gray Butte. Another fun option, though shorter, is Horse Ridge, out east of Bend off HW 20. And of course skinning Mt. Bachelor, esp the upper half. I did a lot of that! Cheers. Steve

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