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    I’m on the 24-week Mountaineering Plan, so would any hikes where my HR is in Zone 0 (below 99 bpm) be beneficial or should I focus on being at least in Zone 1 for every endurance workout?


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    mzkarim on #43226

    If such hikes (where my HR is around 90 for about half the time), would they be in addition to, or in place of, the Easy Recovery workouts in the Plan?

    Anonymous on #43231

    IMO all volume is valuable. How valuable depends on the metabolism of the athlete.

    Whether or not the 90 bpm hikes are recovery depends on the duration. Typical recovery workouts are 45-60′. Longer than that and it may have a training effect. That isn’t bad, it just has to be considered along with any other fatigue you may have.

    mzkarim on #43233

    Thanks. This particular one will be about 4 hours or so.

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