Basic Fitness Test Clarification (reps in 60″)

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    In the Basic Fitness Test in Ch. 6 in Training for the new Alpinism, the tests are like “Number of X in 60” ” so the question is:

    Is it valid if e.g. i do 10reps of pushups in e.g. 35″ then take 10″ rest and take another 5reps in the remains 15″ (60″ in total) or start doing my reps and when i stop then it’s done?

    I understand the first but I’d like a confirmation.

    Thanks a priori

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    Jane Mackay on #80702

    Hi gpapam,
    No, the test is to see how many reps you can do in 60 seconds without pausing. If you have to stop after 35 seconds then that’s valuable information as well.

    gpapam on #80721

    Excellent! Thanks a lot Jane

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