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    Hello —

    I’d love to be able to do some mountain running in the White Mountains in New Hampshire. After reading the book I’m pretty sure I’m aerobically deficient so my plan is to focus 100% on getting an aerobic base — for now I’m doing about 25 miles a week with a slow ramp up. Is this a reasonable thing to do for now, seeing as how I can’t run up even a modest hill in the aerobic zone, or should I still follow one of the more specific training plans? I think I’ve still got a ways to go, as on flat ground my pace is currently about 10min/mile.

    Apologies if this is a basic question that gets asked over and over; thanks for your patience.

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    Dada on #69504

    If you want to get rid of not metabolizing fat then you should stay below your AeT. When you have a specific goal event then you need to balance between event-training vs. improving your fat metabolism.


    brianbauer on #69541

    if you believe you have ADS, the best thing you can do is perform a drift test and find your current AeT. then do all of your “base” miles at Z1 or a max of AeT. fixing ADS takes months, not days or weeks

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