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    Hello All,

    Carolyn and I wanted to create further opportunity for discussion by creating a forum post for each plan! This thread will start any discussion or questions for those who are on the Base plan.

    We would love to hear goals, questions, comments or funny stories!
    -Maya and Carolyn

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    Elaina Oliver on #66099

    it seems like the Base Plan is fine for my body. But I have a question. My aerobic outing was skinning/skiing back country in Jackson Hole. I ‘saved’ the activity in my Garmin 245 watch but it didn’t connect to Training peaks via Garmin Connect App, like my aerobic swim did. Is this because my phone was on Airplane mode? I don’t want interference with my avalanche beacon, so I always put the phone on Airplane mode.

    Coach on #66102

    Hello Elaina,

    I am glad to hear you feel like the base plan is the right one for you! As for Garmin connect, I believe it connects once you get into WiFi so it might just take a little longer since your phone was in airplane mode. I am not 100% sure of how the technology works. But I am glad to hear you are being safe with your beacon, that should always come first!


    Janet B on #66171

    Hi Carolyn and Maya,

    I’m finding the Base Plan hiking days to be much shorter than what I had been previously doing. Is there a concern with doing longer hikes, as long as I stay below my AeT, and I’m not sore or exhausted after?
    For example, this past weekend was supposed to only be an hour, but I was out for 3, which is a much more usual timeframe for me for an easy hike.

    Many thanks!

    Coach on #66179

    Hello Janet,

    We know that the plan will not be a perfect fit for everyone and this is a great example of this. If you are used to doing more weekly aerobic work I say it is fine to do a longer weekend hike. If you start feeling more tired than usual cut that down to the prescribed hours rather than cutting out other days of the week.


    Janet B on #66200

    Thank you, Maya.

    Yes, it is hard to fit into one of the plans — I feel like I’m in between the Base and Intermediate. The aerobic piece is very easy and I’m used to doing regular strength training, which isn’t included until week 5. But the pandemic coincided with menopause…so a little more inactivity than I’m used to, and what feels like a vastly different body…I thought maybe it would be better to start with the Base.

    I’m trying not to be my usual Type A-athlete and go with the flow a little more 😉


    Janet B on #67147

    Hi Maya and Carolyn,

    Do you have any variations to the strength training exercises that would accommodate a wrist injury? The only exercises that aren’t impacted are the flutter kick and the door frame body row.

    I can sort of get through the Cham Fit plank/all-fours exercises, albeit very ungracefully, but these particular strength training exercises are too much stress on my wrist. I have access to a gym, if there are equipment/machines that might get at the same muscles.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

    Coach on #67245

    Hello Janet,

    I am very sorry to hear about your wrist injury!!! You should be able to YouTube or ask if you don’t know some of the names below.

    Here are some suggestions I would try in general you could turn this in a circuit with 10reps, 2-3x through depending on how you are feeling.
    – Bicycles
    – Kayakers (no weight)
    -Flutter kicks
    -Door Frame rows
    -Leg Lifts

    Workout: Add weight as you need a weight vest might be the best options so you don’t have to hold anything
    -Box Step ups
    -Box Step Downs
    -Single Leg Split Squat

    It sounds like you need to avoid things like overhead press? Let me know if this helps or if you want more ideas/details 🙂

    Stefanie Harvey on #67790

    Hello all!

    Due to a work deadline I only was able to get in a long hike this week on Friday (~140 TSS.) I will do strength and mobility training today.

    Question: Due to the lack of activity, could I count this week as a rest week and instead of the planned routine for week 8, repeat week 7?

    Thank you,

    ps I started the program at fitness level 4 :: cringe :: – Friday it was 25!

    Coach on #67795

    Hello Stef,

    Great questions! Yes-you can repeat week 7 and have this week your rest week! Just make sure you pay attention to your fatigue as you keep going and take a rest week in another 3 weeks. Switch 11 and 12 🙂

    Great work with your fitness increase! We love to hear it!!!

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