Base Period Training: Balancing Zone Intensity and Adjusting for Drift

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    This week I started my base period with TftNA, and during my long workout on rolling hills, I spent more time than expected in zone 2.

    I was supposed to do 90 minutes in zone 1 on the hills, but I ended up doing only 56 minutes in zone 1, and approx. 30 minutes in zone 2.

    My goal for the rest of the week is to do 60 minutes of zone 1-2 on a steep uphill, and 145 minutes of zone 1 and recovery.

    Do you think it’s worth compensating for the extra time I spent in zone 2 or should I just let it slide?



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    Jane Mackay on #77554

    Rob, do you know how close your AeT (top of Z2) is to your AnT (top of Z3)?

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