Base period of training plans? Fun factor?

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    Hey all,
    I’m interested in the Eiger plan for an upcoming AK trip in May, does the time frame for the plan include like a ‘base-only buildup period’, or does it start out assuming a certain base fitness and you adjust your hours/weight per week based on your best guestimate?

    Also, have you all found that its tough to still have ‘fun’ while doing one of these training plans? I generally climb/run/ski/bike 6 days a week and love getting out with my friends in the mountains, and i’m worried i’m going to have to be like ‘no I cant go on that rad tour, its my weight training day’ or whatever. Do y’all run into kind of issue often?

    …and if this is the wrong place for this post let me know and I can take it down


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    Anonymous on #48057

    All of our plans have a base and build period.

    For most, “fun” usually means too much too fast too often to really build fitness. You’ll progress fastest by being disciplined, but mixing in the occasional “fun” day is probably fine.

    P.S. It’s even more fun being super fit and faster than your friends… But that will take patience and discipline for most.

    parkerkempf on #48063

    Thanks for the speedy reply scott! guilty as charged ‘too much too fast too often’.

    sgw on #48085

    Thanks for that one, Scott 😉
    Exactly working for me while I follow my plan.

    coreykrevilla on #48863

    Great, It Helps.

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