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    With my mountain marathon cancelled I’ve been using the road bike more as my training tool of choice. I’ve been steadily building up the volume in a base period, but with no races to plan for, I’d like some advice as to when to stop increasing volume and shift towards a long maintenance phase, and how the training sessions would differ?

    I think my maximum training volume per week is ~12 hours due to family and work commitments. Should I periodise my TSS allowing for a recovery week every 4th week?

    I actually use training to get fit for superbike racing, this year competing in a support class at the British Superbike Championship. As such, every other weekend from August until October I am away racing, so training on the road bike will suffer slightly. But racing the bike is good training, I’ll look to wear my HRM and log the training.

    Just looking for some advice on how to plan my training over the next few months.


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    Anonymous on #43467

    Cool! I would love to see a heart rate file from a superbike race. Good luck.

    For maintenance, 50-75% of the load is a general rule of thumb, you’d need to experiment to find out what works for you.

    Yes, I would still take recovery weeks. It can start to feel stale if volume is static. They would also be a good way to find out which maintenance load works best for you.

    stephensmith on #43599

    Thanks Scott, I’ll upload some data when I’ve done a race. But see the data from one 20 minute track session attached.

    Based off your advice, I think a weekly volume of 10 hours would be good for maintenance and to keep the weight off. I’ll probably periodise this over a 4 week block with week 4 being a recovery week. Keep the volume about the same but periodise the intensity/ TSS.

    Thanks 🙂

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    Anonymous on #43607

    Cool, thanks. To put it in perspective, what is your anaerobic threshold?

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