Balancing PT strength exercises and UA training

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    Matthew Morriss

    I’m excited about joining on for the next 12 weeks of training, but I’m also coming back from an overuse running injury (posterior tibial tendonitis) over the past year and have been doing a lot of physical therapy exercises once a day. My PT has me doing mostly strengthening exercises (split bench squats, lunges, heal lifts, and a lot of work with bands).

    I was just curious if these exercises are now part of my regular day-to-day should I make any adjustment as I start thinking about the UA strength training? I plan to check in with my PT too, but I figured I’m probably not the only person in this situation or who has been there.

    Thanks again,

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    MarkPostle on #67188

    Matthew, Sorry just seeing this, it got past me the first time. Glad you’re on the comeback from the Tendonitis, that can be a pesky one. PT exercises generally benefit from a fairly high frequency. In your case I would try doing the exercises on all the days you’re not doing the Chamfit etc in the program I.e. The other 4-5 days/week. As with beginning any new program make sure the volume and the modes of training doesn’t cause a relapse of the initial problem by ramping back up to fast to soon.

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