Bagpack Recommendations?

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    Paula Kim

    Hi ladies! Anyone have recommendations for a 75-100L pack for a 5-6 day mountaineering trip? Bag needs to hold ice picks, crampons, rope, food, cloths, helmet, and the team is splitting things like tents etc. Looking for something streamlined and light, since pack weight is an important issue. I’m 5’3″, 135. There is so much out there and a lot of stores don’t carry all the options in-store, so some of the options I’m just going off descriptions on websites. Would love to hear what bag you women like (or don’t like). Thanks in advance!

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    Jules Winchester on #75068

    I just bought the Hyperlight Headwall. We’re about the same size and I’m intending to use it for the same purpose. I’ll let you know how it goes!

    Paula Kim on #75119

    Okay, thanks! Look forward to hearing about it!

    Jennifer Bealer on #75206

    I have the mountain hardwear AMG bag 105l. Im 5’3″ 155ish and have a hard time getting the hip belt tight enough to keep the weight off my shoulders. Helps more with added layers. I do have a small waist, all the weight is in my legs and ass ? i did cary 74lbs in it but it cut my hip bones so bad, better with weight under 60lbs.

    Jennifer Bealer on #75207

    Here is it on me

    Paula Kim on #75277

    Hi Jennifer! If you meant to post a picture, it doesn’t seem to have come through so you may want to try again!

    MaxSummers on #80403

    For a 5-6 day mountaineering trip, you’re absolutely right – a streamlined and light backpack is crucial, especially considering pack weight.

    Alyssa Young on #80414

    Hey there! I know a lot of women that like the fit and function of Osprey and Black Diamond packs. They’re a heavier than something like the Hyperlight, but they have more structure and many people find that they’re more comfortable for long trips (especially if you’re not used to carrying a heavy pack). Unless you’re doing a Denali Prep Course type trip I’d recommend tying to keep pack size down to 55-75 L.

    A common issue for smaller women is finding a hip belt that can get snug enough to sit on your hip bones, but if you go to a good gear shop they should be able to help with fit.

    Also worth considering what you’ll do after your course. What are a few of your top climbs and objectives? That will help guide your pack search.

    MaxSummers on #80426

    You might want to explore options at Though they specialize in leather goods, they could have insightful information about choosing the right backpack for your needs.
    When it comes to packing in essentials like ice picks, crampons, and clothing, a well-designed backpack is a game-changer. Since you’re considering various options based on website descriptions, don’t hesitate to read reviews from fellow mountaineers to get real-world insights.

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