Backpack VS Harness for pull ups

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    Just wondering if their are any cons to using a weighted backpack instead of harness with weights when doing pull-ups? I’ve been using a backpack with water jugs but notice most people use weighted belts or harnesses.

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    Anonymous on #37297

    It’ll change your center of gravity and therefore your body position when hanging. However, that’s neither here nor there on its own. If you’re training for rock climbing, using a harness is probably best, because you won’t be climbing with any weight on your back. For ice or alpine, a backpack may be more event-specific.

    Lyle F Bogart on #37545

    The greatest “con” to the pack on your back when doing pullups (or any other overhead work) is the effect the shoulder straps may have on shoulder mechanics. A heavy load carried on the shoulders can reduce scapular upward rotation and may contribute to developing subacromial impingement syndrome over time.

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