Avoiding injury by using Trainingpeaks CTL, TSS, etc

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    jane s

    A bit of background, Im a 62 year old female with a long and varied endurance career and long time user of TPs. Im trainig for a multi day stage mountain ultra next september.
    Ive noticed in the past that i tend to get injured at at CTL of around 75, my CTL at the moment is 65. Usually through doing something stupid,like taking a fall or last year, stubbing my toe, which gave me a cartledge tear on my hip.
    Presently Im uninjured and feeling really strong.
    problems are.. a) We are coming into winter.
    b) My CTL is getting to THAT number and fatigue reasonably low…
    c) I want to ( carefully) push beyond the 75 CTL

    Any ideas how to progress?

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    Anonymous on #60761


    That’s cool that you have been observant of the connection between high CTL and injury. Higher CTL comes at the cost of higher ATL (fatigue). For most of us, training while carrying a high chronic fatigue load is running the risk of something going wrong.

    Some ideas….

    To boost CTL how about adding min more cross training to avoid over use or injury problems

    Have a more gradual ramping of CTL.

    Take more frequent recovery days and weeks.

    Overall I think it is best to not focus too much on the numbers like CTL. Instead I recommend finding a course that you can use easily and frequently and do an AeT time trial on it. Then occasionally repeat this test. Say every month on a day when you feel good. I far prefer actual field tests like this to proxies like CTL or even lab tests. Performance is what matters so we should be monitoring performance not proxies.

    I hope this helps’

    jane s on #60763

    Thanks for your reply Scott.
    I took a week of light workouts,and have changed things up a bit. Doing two a day, a few days a week, which Im liking. It’s given me time to think about training, as well.
    Part of it is being a bit freaked out by the big race next year and trying to get to some mythical CTL.
    Definitely, I will do a bit more cross training.
    Reading your advise, I’m thinking that you’re right about backing off the ramp rate. I’m being greedy, when I need to be patiently letting the fitness come to me.

    Pete Dickinson MS,PT on #63078

    I think a coach really helps your progressions without injury if its become a known pattern.

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