At home rock climbing training plan

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    Alan Russell

    I think this is great, thanks so much for creation it and sharing it for free! I also have a few questions:
    – are the repeaters an anaerobic/muscular endurance workout and if so, can you advise on any good methods to train climbing aerobic endurance at home?;
    – could these workouts be periodised e.g. by concentrating on the max. hangs if you’re in a max. strength phase?
    – can you advise on any good methods to train pinches at home e.g. holding a weight plate like this:;
    – if you’re an alpinist/mountaineer as well as a climber would you do more aerobic training and less strength than is shown in the plan? I fit into this category and am currently doing this on Mondays (, FBMH on Thursdays, FB aerobic endurance (4min’s on, 4 min’s off x 3 of moving holds on Beastmaker 1000 with as much weight as possible (feet on floor)), and running the other four days.



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