At-home Muscle Endurance Circuit during Rest Week

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    Hi Uphill Athlete!

    After listening to the podcast on Overtraining, and the video from Sam on muscle endurance training, I have incorporated the at-home/gym muscle endurance circuit once a week on Tuesdays into the training regimen. I’m also trying to take every fourth week easy with more discipline to conoslidate/better recover/better prevent over-training. I’ve only started this newer structure to my training this January, so I’m about to have my first “rest” week.

    I get that you de-load during that fourth week by reducing volume, but I’m wondering how that applies to the at-home muscle endurance circuit? The program for the circuit has a consistent build week over week. Should I therefore continue that build during the rest week? Or repeat the week before as a consolidation? Or de-load a set or two (e.g. repeat the load from ~2 or 3 weeks prior) for that rest week?

    Thank you again for all you do and your help!

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    Shashi on #49642


    In the 24-week mountaineering training plan I follow, the recovery week in the Sport Specific / Muscular Endurance period does not have any ME workout. The recovery week volume is 50% of the previous week with some steep hikes/runs <= AeT and a recovery workout.

    Just curious, did you start structured training with a transition and base period last year?

    alpinejoe on #49644

    The short answer is, yes, I had about a year of building a running specific base, culminating in my first (unofficial and solo) ultra (31 miles, 10K vert, on the Pacific Crest Trail in Washington). I tapered off after that with a short break in December. Short break was still sort of active but gave me a mental break to recover from work/life stress and frankly drinking too much beer (after listening to the overtraining podcast, that seemed important!). I considered that my “transition”.

    I do understand that ME is cut during the rest week for the mountaineering plan, but what Sam’s talk on ME drove home for me that the difference in cadence and load for running makes the approach to ME different between mountaineering and mountain running. Last year I tried to following the methods more closely aligned with mountaineering plan in TFTNA since that is what I have experience previously. The result was improved endurance, but something was missing, a robustness or longevity in the legs especially for the downhills. What really cleared it up for me in Sam’s talk was to learn how, for running, ME should be considered part of the base period, almost as a replacement for the max strength sessions described in the mountaineering plans from TFTNA. Those ME circuits act as a base for HIIT sessions later for running; while the max strength sessions act as a strength base for the water carry ME hikes for mountaineering. (Hopefully I got that right; it’s how I’ve come to see it anyways). I was also encouraged by the talk with Luke Nelson, and how he used the ME circuits with great success despite his busy work/life schedule.

    So, I added in the at-home ME circuit once a week on Tuesdays (as well as other changes in my methods), and the effect has been really positive so far.

    What is confusing though is if I should continue to build the load of the ME circuit during the break week, or reduce the load, or, as you say, cut it during the rest week.

    Shashi on #49645

    Joseph – thank you for sharing all the details. It will help others who are more experienced with mountain running provide you some feedback.

    hafjell on #49665

    Alpinejoe, which ME circuit are you using?

    Brett on #49676

    The Big Vert plan DOES include the ME workout during recovery weeks, but no other high intensity sessions. I’ll sometimes leave them out during a recovery week if my body tells me I should, but typically still do them. If I skip a week, I’ll repeat the last session in the progression.

    alpinejoe on #49686

    hafjell – This one:

    Brett – Thanks, that is very helpful! I’ll keep it in unless I’m feeling really worked.

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