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Are these training hours or don’t count

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    Need some clarification please

    My week 1 transition was as follows:

    Strength 2 hours
    Zone 1 Zone 2 training 4 hours
    Recovery or lower 5 hour 15 mins A combination of walking and descending from my Z1 and Z2 training

    According to the book I am only to count strength plus Z1 Z2 for my training hours but I unsure if I read that correctly

    Did I train 6 hours or did I train 9 hours 15 minutes?


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    Shashi on #46979

    Can you share more about the type of workout where you accumulated 5 hours and 15 minutes of recovery or lower HR hours?

    If these are part of your outdoor workouts (e.g. hike on hilly terrain), then I would include them in your total training time.

    Anonymous on #47761


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