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    I recently bought TftNA and try to include the killer core routine a bit more and tried to find an app which automatically shows me breaks, beeps once it’s over and then show what to do next and if there’s something with a time limit also beeps at the end and at the beginning. I’m quite lazy but when I have such a support its easier for me keeping to the end.
    Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything suitable. Tried strong (it’s very close but unfortunately no sounds or countdown with excerises which are time limited) and gainsfire app but both cannot really do it.
    Is someone having experience with it and having tips? Should be for free because it’s more or less only a timing/beeping thing and the excerises I mostly needed to create anyways myself.

    Hope with such a thing I’d be better in keeping till the end and not just stopping once I lose motivation, using earphones so would be nice getting the audio input to not check the phone during a time limited workout, with the rep stuff it’s needed anyways to click on the phone.


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    Shashi on #51164

    Would something like Interval Timer help?

    stefan28 on #51166

    Thanks for the response, have figured it out during the day how it works with the strong app; in case someonce else is wanting something like this it is working: the repetition stuff is anways easy and manually to press on the phone after being done, my problem was the time period stuff: but there are countdowns for having a break so you can use these countdowns for the exercise as well.
    Just create the exercises which do not exist there or use something familiar just for you to remember.
    Then put the auto rest timer work set to 30sec for each exercise to have the 30sec break.
    For everything with a time limit create 3 sets and put the auto reset counter to either the exact time or +5sec to have time to prepare.
    Sounds complicated but went through (failed with some excerised 😀 ) but the app worked, for example with power point: auto rest timer to 35sec; 1 set (1 half), 2 set (other half), 3 set (for the break); the rest is always in between the sets so if you press done with the first set the actual countdown for you to do it starts 😉
    In case something is unclear and someone else wants to use it let me know, hope like this I keep doing it and improve, especially L sit was just disasterous 😀

    TerryLui on #51255

    Not familiar w/ the “Strong” app but here’s one I use for climbing training that does what I believe you first were seeking:

    Anonymous on #52368

    I like having a programmed timer as well, but I usually just build the routine I want in my watch.

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