Anyone training for a 200 miler?

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    Joshua Goldstein

    I’m a 2019 Tahoe 200 finisher and running the race again this September.

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    Thomas Summer, MD on #54579

    Hi Joshua,

    I’m not training for it. But running something like that is something I’m interested in. As a European, I’m thinking about Tor des Geants.
    Do you have any specific questions? I think there are many possible ways one can train for something that long. I would be interested in hearing about your and others’ experiences. And discuss them.


    dan.k on #54599

    I have done TDG once before, although not when at all well trained. So I finished although not in any sort of amazing time. It is an absolutely stunning course and I can really highly recommend it to anyone interested in a 200 miler.

    I had a place for 2020 (although cancelled) so have a guaranteed place in one of 2021/2022/2023 so I am planning to try to re-run it in 2022.

    I would say that in the past I was very much focused on vertical, vertical and more vertical but I wasn’t really very structured in my approach (had not really planned to do it but then I got a place! 🙂 ) and didn’t incorporate anything like ME which I think would be massively helpful. I did a lot of aerobic volume and was very well fat adapted when I did it which I think was also helpful.

    Definitely keen to go in much better trained in the future.

    Very interested in peoples thoughts on specific adjustments to training.

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