anybody having trouble syncing Garmin Connect with TP

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    Edgar Carby

    This morning I was able to sync Garmin with Strava but not with Training Peaks. I signed in and out of both and disconnected/reconnected them. Still not syncing. Just me?

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    bill on #61043

    Edgar – Training Peaks was having some sort of problem this morning with logins and syncs failing on both the web and application interfaces. It appears to be fixed now. Is the sync problem still happening for you?

    Umer on #61050

    Hi Edgar

    I did a workout about 18 hours ago; sync worked fine.
    I will post here an update after today’s workout as well.

    Edgar Carby on #61059

    my workouts from yesterday synced at 12:15am this morning. Not sure what happened, but all’s well that ends well.

    Umer on #61062

    My recent workout synced two hours after the workout (usually it happens immediately after a workout).

    I guess it is just server maintenance or downtimes, delayed syncs but working fine.

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