Any ideas for a daily injury prevention routine?

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    Hey there, I am new to writing on the forum, but since I totally fell in love with the Uphill Athlete book, I want to get deeper and deeper into the topic and the community.

    I was wondering if anybody of you had something like a daily 5- or 10-min routine for injury prevention which he does instead of the normal approach of going to the gym 2-3 times a week doing regular strength training?

    I was thinking of introducing something like a short little circuit workout including the following exercises I simply go through once every day:

    Glute Bridges, Bulgarian Split Squats, Toes-to-heel Raises, Lunges, elevated Calf Raises, Step-Ups and Quarter Squats

    I know these are a ton of exercises, but the idea would be to do only 1-2 sets of each with staying away from muscle failure and keeping an eye on good form and proper muscle activation.

    Do you think this would have any advantage, other than being very simplistic and easy to incorporate into a day-to-day routine, over the regular gym strength training?

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    Shashi on #56952

    Welcome to the forum.

    I would recommend these two resources –

    Forum discussion

    Podcast with Pete Diceknson

    Foam rolling article

    In addition to two strength-training sessions, I do at least one and occasionally two foam rolling sessions in a week. I won’t replace regular (longer) strength training sessions with 5-10 min daily sessions.

    To understand the basics of strength training, read this article –

    Hope this is helpful.

    Thomas Summer, MD on #56966

    Hi Tobi,

    it depends on what injury you want to prevent?! And what is your main sport?


    tobischneider on #56980

    Hey Thomas,
    My main sport is “trail” or “mountain” running and I would be looking for some kind of routine that includes not only some strenghening but also mobility elements of the muscles that are generally stressed or injured the most when running up- and downhill in rather technical terrain.
    The idea would be to have something I can include in my daily routine and since I am viewing my regular (home gym) strength training as something like my second sport that allows me to not being focussed on solely one single sport (trail running), I do not like to add too many running-specific exercises in these upper-body-strength-focussed workouts.
    I would like to have trail running, my strength training and some injury prevention routine seperated from each other… 5-10 minutes of light mobility and strength exercises would be something I could easily implement in my daily routine. I am a big believer in the theory that we humans are the product of our day-to-day activites and highly adaptable to anything we do on a regular basis – so using and strengthening the running-specific muscles day-to-day should, at least in my opinion, be a great way to prevent any overuse injuries, wouldn’t you agree?
    I would love to hear opinions about it! 🙂

    Thomas Summer, MD on #57078

    Hi Tobi!

    I like your approach.

    I would recommend foam rolling and some stability exercises on one leg. Focusing on correct leg axis from the foot up to the hip. Depending also on your weak areas. Would be great to have a physio to figure that out.

    hope this helps!?

    Mariner_9 on #57267

    Might be worth considering exercises to improve balance given your comment about running in technical terrain. I used to do these in the gym to help with balance for splitboarding.

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