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    So in the wake of quarantine I’ve had to spend more time on my treadmill, mostly weight vest hiking at 12% grade. Out of nowhere began having pain along the lower lateral aspect of my shin with crepitus, likely anterior tibialis tendonitis, it’s been 4 days of rest, with high dose NSAIDs, icing. Does not seem to be improving. Anyone have any experience with this or have any PT recommendations? Thanks!

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    Pete Dickinson MS,PT on #40018

    Ah, quarantinitis! You likely have inflamation in the sheath around the tendon due to the loaded eccentric activity from the treadmill work. I would continue with your current plan of icing, and gradually return to unloaded walking before trying the vest again. If you have a bike, that should work fine in the interim.

    Tyler.W.Johnson1 on #40020

    Thanks for the tips. Tried riding the bike over the weekend even that hurt a bit. Any specific stretches or interim strength work to help speed recovery? I’ve had good luck with eccentric heel drops for Achilles tendinitis anything similar here?

    Pete Dickinson MS,PT on #40048

    I would start with calf raise holds, progressing up to 45sec. That way, you’re not stressing the sheath interface as much. Progress to the calf raises and eccentrics, with more triplanar/lateral work to follow. General calf dorsiflexion stretches are fine as well.

    Tyler.W.Johnson1 on #40057

    Excellent, really appreciate the advice.

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