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    Hi – the description for AnT test on this website says “If you are new to training use a 30min test length. If you are very well trained with many years of aerobic training under your belt, you can use a 60min test length. If you think you are somewhere between then use a 45min test length.”

    How does one pick the correct duration? I’ve run 7 ultras in the past, so I’m not completely new to training, but I’m starting a new training cycle after significant time off, about a year off from any serious running so Im not in the best running shape. I’ve still been pretty active, running here and there, mountain biking, hiking, lifting, ice hockey.

    Any advice on which test length to go with? Thanks.

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    Jane Mackay on #81394

    Hi onward,

    It sounds like the 45min test would be a good place for you to start. If you retested after your next training cycle, you could then do the 60 min test. If you find yourself hitting the wall after 30 mins this time, then that’s valuable information too.


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