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    Todd Hatfield

    This past Monday I revisited the AeT test. Because of my treadmill max of 60 minutes, I did a 15-minute warm up, stopped that one, and immediately started a 60-minute workout. I used non-varying 3.5 mph; incline of 15%. My HR dropped from about 142 into the 120s during the short transition on the treadmill, and it took a bit to level out at the test-starting 142 HR on the real test. If I set aside the first 5 minutes or so of HR oscillations and use the remaining 55 minutes, I am within spec. But my real question is this: if you look at drift within the 2nd 30 minutes, it’s just over 1% and if you look at the last 20 minutes, there’s no drift at all. Is this indicating anything of significance? Or should I be content with the results and use 142 as my new Z2 max? BTW my max HR is around 175.

    I did a number of searches on the UA site and found all kinds of discussion on variations of this question, but it seemed like they mostly had to do with outdoor running and the other variables (e.g. pace) that come into play.


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    Todd Hatfield on #69156

    I forgot to mention that I did not too fatigued either (my legs were feeling a bit of ME effect later in the test). I could have kept going if there had been a good reason and if I had more treadmill motivation.

    MarkPostle on #69182

    Todd, Took a peek at the HR file from your test. Looks good and as you described. I do frequently chop off any anomalies in the beginning etc to get a better idea of the data. Looks like you were drifting about 7 beat over the 55min for pretty much bang on 5%. I would indeed use 128-142 as your Zone 2 and see how you recover. My tests are commonly the same where there’s more drift earlier in the test than later but I find the overall result with the method used here to be accurate. Remember you should be recovering day to day with your Zone 2 training so see how you do with these HR settings and back off if needed but I would use 142 as a maximum.

    Todd Hatfield on #69203

    Thanks much Mark. I will do as advised.

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