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    So couple of weeks ago I did a LT test (30 minute all out field test) and my LT HR is 173.

    I did twice an AeT test, one with a HR of 142, but de decoupling was only 2%

    A couple of weeks later I retried the test early in the morning, but could not raise my Harare to a decent start HR. So I canceled the test.

    Today I just ran without only workout, just running. But definitely a quicker pace then my normal long run pace (30-40 seconds per K quicker)
    In the end it was more or less then 1 hour after a warmup. What I noticed is that during that hour my decoupling was only 3% with an average HR of 162.

    So, my question. How do you know what your AeT heart rate is?
    Both my hour runs were within 5% decoupling ratio, but both average HR of both runs are not even close to each other.

    Can it be that my AeT is really 162? (What I don’t believe) Or is it more around 142?

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    Shashi on #61069

    Can you please share the Training Peaks links of your AeT Tests?

    Thank you!

    Frank on #61125

    So, here are my two tests

    This one is my first ever AeT test roughly 8 weeks ago. Decoupling was below 3,5%. So I went to slow.
    tpks(dot)ws(forward slash)MZUKKO3SEBHRRTI4FEYTRMETSU

    This one is a run from the beginning of this week and not at all intended to be an AeT test. The part that the HR was stable is only 51 minutes.
    tpks(dot)ws(forward slash)LMHHYXWVFSQYTTI4FEYTRMETSU

    I’m just confused were my AeT is. Should I do my next AeT more around 147 (5 beats more then my first AeT run) or should I start much higher and more towards the 160?

    PS, sorry for the cryptic URLs, otherwise my replies were not allowed

    Shashi on #61315

    Thanks for sharing the TP links. Based on the first test, AeT is likely around 145-150.

    For your next test, do a longer warm-up (compared to the second run/test), allow your heart rate to stabilize at 150 and then do the test for one hour.

    Frank on #61334

    Thx, I will do a test in the coming 2 weeks, I will share my results

    Frank on #61468

    Het my latest test, started with 152
    tpks(dot)ws(forward slash)2CBOSN5R32RRRTI4FEYTRMETSU

    Decoupling is almost 0%

    Shashi on #61679

    Thank you Frank for sharing the results. The test looks good. I think your AeT now is within 10% of your AnT

    LafaekPenu on #61800


    Sorry for hijacking this thread.

    I thought that the decoupling should be close to 5%. My AeT test was 0,8% at 136bpm tpks(dot)ws(forward slash)3X7RVAHIMU2J3TI4FEYTRMETSU and my AnT test was 147bpm tpks(dot)ws(forward slash)NPYNKLVZRIU6VTI4FEYTRMETSU

    Should i repeat my AeT test? I think if I push harder it won’t be a conversational pace

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