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    First off I wanted to say thanks to Scott and Steve and all the other moderators and contributors here. I have learned and continue to learn a lot from your books, website and forums over the last several years.

    Second, I would like to put in a humble request for an uphill athlete annual training plan. These are the reasons why I think something like that would be valuable for your readers and athletes. I have used your training plans for several years to great success. Looking through my training peaks account I have the following plans: 24 week expeditionary, Nelson’s intro to ultras, Foote’s big vert, Wharton’s 8 week intermediate rock, and the via valais plan because, hey, we all have dreams. I have worked through several of those plans multiple times depending on an event or training focus I have planned for the year and while that works well if I have a singular goal it becomes unwieldy with multiple goals. It is difficult to make sure you aren’t over training when you have more than two plans layered on top of each other and it is just hard to balance everything. Obviously, training for Denali or a hundred miler requires a singular focus and you have a plan for that. But what I would like at this point is a plan that I can run through every year that keeps me ready for fun year round. I think there are a lot of us here who are focused on alpinism but also rock climb in the spring and fall, ride bikes in the summer, and back country ski in the winter. All of these activities have some overlap with running and strength as the foundation for it all. Thoughts?

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    Shashi on #56471

    My first thought is that a custom plan by UA Coaches would be the best option as it will take into consideration your fitness, goals, event dates, etc. and put together a plan that works for you. I think it would be difficult to put together a generic annual training plan that works for everyone.

    In any case, I will share this with Scott and request his input.

    Anonymous on #56474

    Thanks very much for your kind words and also for your loyalty in your plan purchases. It sounds like the plans have worked well for you.

    We have kicked around the idea you propose. We know that most of the UA users are all arounders. But, my experience, a “one size fits all” plan like you want won’t fit anyone very well. There is so much individual variation. Some folks will want a bigger focus on rock climbing than biking. Or skiing more that ice climbing. How to accommodate a huge number of variations into one plan makes my head spin. Making the Big Vert plan suit several different race distances was a big job and that was for one sport.

    The reason our plans work so well is that they are targeted to an event. This focus keeps some boundaries on the plan.

    I wish I could come up with a way to do what you propose. If you have some ideas, please get in touch with me:


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