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    Hi. I’m new here having only just joined up (found out about this from training for the uphill athlete) and I’m a 14 year old endurance runner with a very irritating ankle.
    The cause:
    (approximately 7 weeks ago)
    I was just walking along having done no recent ankle strenuous activity and happened to trip and fall over on my left ankle, severely twisting it. My ankle strength has never been amazing, and now the injury appears to have mostly healed, but will still be upset by any trip or knock. It also swells up a bit during any longish easy runs, especially on the few road runs I do. I began regular training 3 weeks ago, nothing to fancy just aerobic slow running.

    In short, I would like some advice on ankle recovery exercises and if there is anything I should be looking out for, and if I need to make any changes to my usual training.

    Thanks 😀

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    Pete Dickinson MS,PT on #49695

    Ankles can take some time to tolerate running after a significant sprain. Rehabilitation for this includes inversion/eversion band strengthening, calf stretching to make sure you have full dorsiflexion, and balance/dynamic movement retraining. You will get better, but may need to put some effort into returning normal sport function to the ankle.

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