Ankle Proprioception and Strengthening exercises

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    I had a lateral ligament complex reconstruction in my left ankle about 3 years ago after suffering from a complete rupture of the CFL and the ATFL. Following surgery and rehab I felt happy with the outcome, having only had 3 minor sprains since the surgery (considering I would normally have 5-6 a year before the surgery)

    For context I am a 27 year old, who has had about 5 years of trail running experience with about 250-500 hours of training a year. I have completed several ultras before and after the surgery, with the last once being a 95 mile race with 3,900m elevation in about 24 hours.

    As time progresses I feel the general laxity of my ankles is limiting my training. I’m very aware of not overloading my ankle with training, so my general week to week training load is around 5-10 hours of running/cycling with about 2 sessions of pre/rehab a week. These sessions consist of generally a bit of balance work using a balance board and plyometric exercises. I feel especially limited on the downhills when trail running.

    I also rock climb and certain movements especially heel hooks and rock overs can cause weakness and instability which I feel is limiting.

    I appreciate I probably won’t ever have solid ankles but any exercise recommendations would be appreciated.

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    Pete Dickinson MS,PT on #43282

    I have some questions as to whether your symptoms are due to laxity, or a chondral surface lesion. Using some kinesiotape in a figure 8 can give you some very light and mobile support during your running activities. For a longer term impact, consider some significant strength loading/training through the lower leg region. Stronger ligaments and soft tissue are always a good thing and will help with stability during running. Hope this gives you a few ideas.

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