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Anaerobic Threshold/Zones/Other

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    Kathy Harding

    I have several questions but thought it would be easiest to just ask them all together.
    1) The video about setting the thresholds after the aerobic test talk about needing to do an anaerobic threshold test as well to determine the top of zone 3. Do we need to do that? If so, where can I get more info on that test, or if not, how do we determine that number? Is it just 10% higher per zone?
    2) Same video explains that he prefers 4 zones. How many zones should we have, 4 or 5? I need to sync my training peaks and Garmin watch to be the same.
    3) If I want to change my day off to Monday, what would be the best way to shift the workouts?
    4) I have a couple ice climbing trips coming up. 2 questions here: I know my heart rate will be blown out of my ranges because I am not as fit as the people I am going with, so do I just blow off trying to stay in the heart rate zone for the hikes in? How to track the workouts for those days between hiking in/out and climbing? Do each activity separately or just track for the whole day under one workout?
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions/answers!!

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    Hello Kathy! Great questions I am going to answer below in the same order.

    1.) You don’t need to do an AnT Test (Anaerobic Threshold Test). In the Intermediate and advanced plan there is a test scheduled for Week 9 I believe. The reason we don’t put this in for a few weeks as it is a really hard workout. We want to make sure everyone is strong enough before we do the test to avoid injury. So don’t sweat it for now, you can always estimate 10% more than Zone 2 (we will go over this on Tuesday).
    2.) We almost always use 4 zones. I will go over how we do this on Tuesday’s Zoom.
    3.) There is a great thread on the forum from yesterday I believe talking about how to shift in Training Peaks. In short there is a little menu bar to the right of the plan if you click on that there is an option called “shift” that you can click on and make changes. IF you can’t figure that out we can go over it on zoom. You can also manually move all your workout around too!
    4.) Probably you will have to just go with whatever HR you need to be at to keep up. If you get to set pace and keep it aerobic that is always the best, but we also know sometimes you just gotta go with the group pace to stay safe. I would track the workouts as you see fit. One whole day can be interesting just to measure how much you are moving ect…If your watch dies and needs charging I would record each workout.
    I hope that helps!!

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