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Anaerobic Threshold Test Instructions

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    Looking forward (I think) to this next week!

    The instructions on TP talk about hiking, where as I was thinking of running either outdoors or on a treadmill. As a habitual runner, I feel the need to have a good hard run 🙂

    So for the AeT test we were keeping heart rate (HR) steady. What are we keeping steady on this one? Pace? HR? RPE? Or have I missed the point entirely?

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    Nate Emerson on #60196

    Hi Matt, It’s preferred to do this event-specific / training-specific, so mountaineers might be best served doing it as a long uphill hike. If you have the means to train with a lot of hiking on hills, it would make the most sense to test on a long hill.
    If you’ll be doing a lot of running for training, or don’t have a huge hill for an uphill hiking test, then I would lean towards a run outdoors. If you can do it as a track run, it can also give you AnT pace for rTSS.
    The Anaerobic Threshold Test should be based off of RPE. You might need to adjust pace to maintain the hard, sustained 30-45+ min effort. Doing this on a treadmill usually requires some pace adjustments, and the delay in adjustment can make it more challenging to maintain a sustainable intensity.
    For a lot of runners, this test is at 10k pace. If you are unsure of your pace/effort start conservatively, as it’s really common to start out too hard.
    A lot of athletes look forward to this test! When done correctly, this test will be an actual demonstration of your anaerobic threshold, as opposed to an estimate determined through a graded exercise test protocol that you’d do with a GET/metabolic/lactate test. And it’s free and counts as a workout session.

    MarkPostle on #60197

    Matt- As Nate mentions here its a bit dependant on your current fitness and availablity of local terrain. If you dont have a very long steep hill locally that will keep you pegged for 45min or so then running will likely be your best bet. Personally i have a really hard time going full tilt and also trying to manage my HR so i go more by RPE. If you pace properly your HR will likely be smooth but drift upwards a bit most likely over the course of the effort. I run it just like i would a smartly paced 10K+ road race where i was trying hard.

    mattmay3s on #60217

    Thanks Mark and Nate – we have an undulating 13km ridge on my door step but its max height is 325m. Its great for endurance or repeated hill sprints, ME water carries but I don’t think it would work for this as there is no single stretch that would be uphill for 45 mins. Sounds like I’ll be running. Will focus on consistent RPE which will make a nice change from looking at my watch constantly!

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