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    based on my trainingsplan I now should do many ski mountaining tours before starting 6 day Hut tour. However based to Corona situation I am only able to go to mountains 2times per month. Alternatively I now do long trail hikes 4 to 5h,in a hilly area 100height meters up, down, up down resulting in 800 to 1000hm at 17km to 25km.
    I walk fast in Z1 with 18.5kg water in backpack. Does this make sense or should I ruther trail run instead without weight?

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    any comment on my question from the forum?


    Dada on #50978

    I can try to offer my two cents.

    You have to be careful what you are trying to achieve with your longer workouts. Scott Semple somewhere said that one should not mix Z1 with ME. The 18kg are quite a lot. Do you feel that local muscle fatigue is an issue during your hikes? If yes, I would lower the weight.

    Generally, hiking is more sport specific than running for ski mountaineering. Do you also do specific ME workouts?

    That being said, I would do both. 2/3 hiking, 1/3 trailrunning plus specific ME workouts.


    PS: I also realized that the forum is a little abandoned 😉

    pult on #50981

    Great reply Dada, thank you.
    I do my ME as described in the book. 18kg does not make masucles fatigue, but without I am below Z1, the alternative would be trail running same route. My intention was to be used to heavy backpack for skimo Hut to Hut tour and this training should replace skimo of each weekend as I am mostly not able to travel to mountains next 4 weekends due to Corona pandemic… but skimo tour is in 6 weeks ?


    Dada on #50987

    Your problem can become mine as well, when the snow keeps melting like hell…

    I have the same problem with HR below Z1 when doing nordic walking.

    I find that the Gym ME workout is providing me with sufficient ME to even carry a heavy backpack. I personally don’t need to load my Z1s with extra weight.

    So my recommendation then: do the type of workout which is providing you with more time at desired intensity. This is the biggest driver for your performance, I think.

    I’m just curious, which hut to hut tour are you planning?


    pult on #50990

    Fingers crossed for both of us…
    The one tour is named Venter Runde, starting in Vent, Ötztal, Austria and 4 summits around 3600hm while 5 days. Did it already 2 years ago and fantastic. Then 3 weeks later the alternative of the Haute Route, Tour du Ciel which starts in Zermatt, Switzerland. That tour is a bit longer than Haute Route and more summits…


    Dada on #50993

    Venter Runde sounds nice.

    And tour de Ciel even nicer. I’ll check it out.

    I’ll go for the Berner Oberland Traverse mid of April, hopefully. Next week’s ski touring week at the Heidelberger Hütte got canceled 🙁

    As you said, fingers crossed.

    Anonymous on #51532

    Scott Semple somewhere said that one should not mix Z1 with ME.

    To clarify, what (I hope) I meant is that they shouldn’t be considered equivalent. It’s very possible that an ME session will have a Z1 heart rate, but the extra load will make the intensity in the legs higher than Z1. So in that case, it’s an ME session regardless of what heart rate may suggest.

    (If I’ve posted something unclear elsewhere, please let me know where.)

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